Programme: 7th September

Preliminary programme
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Wednesday, September 7th 2011


Session 7A: Current projects
Room HR - K1
Session chair: Pio Pellizzari
Paper: Back to Reality: Complex Preservation Methods of Sound Production and its Environment in the Digital Era Ahmad Musib, Gisa Jähnichen (Malaysia)
Paper: New Conservation Insights – Integrated Solutions for Preservation, Archiving and Conservation of Endangered Magnetic Tapes and Wax Cylinders Jürgen-K. Mahrenholz (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany)
Paper: Introduction to TC 05: Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers Dietrich Schüller (Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Session 7B: Current projects
Room DNB - V
Session chair: Albrecht Haefner
Paper: Publishing Europe’s television on the web: The EUscreen initiative Johan Oomen / Vassilis Tzouvaras (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)
Paper: Europeana and the Audio Visual Deficit Jill Cousins (Netherlands)
Paper: Picture War Monuments: Creating an open source location based mobile platform Johan Oomen (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)
10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00-12:30   Session 8: Technical aspects
Room DNB - V
Session chair: Kevin Bradley
Paper: Special Challenge Metadata: Digitisation of the Collection Oskar Sala or …How to Safeguard Hitchcocks "Birds" Nadja Wallaszkovits (Vienna Phonogrammarchiv, Austria)
Paper: Tape-dehydration as part of "Journale-Projekt" Anton Hubauer and Stefan Kaltseis (Austrian Mediathek)
Paper: New Technology for Quality-Supervised Mass Digitization of Video Tape Collections Joerg Houpert (Cube-Tec International, Germany)
12:30-14:00 lunch break

professional visits

  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek / German National Library (DNB)
  • Dokumentation und Archive des Hessischen Rundfunks / The Archives of the Hessian Broadcasting (hr)
  • Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv / German Public Broadcasting Archives (DRA)
  • Deutsches Filminstitut / German Film Institute
  • Digital Film Technology Weiterstadt (bus transfer)
19:30- Blues Blend Concert
King Creole Kastanienhof, Eckenheimer Landstraße 346

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