Programme: 5th September

Preliminary programme
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Monday, September 5th 2011


General Assembly 1
chair: Kevin Bradley, IASA president
Room DNB - V

10:00-11:00 Introduction to IASA’s new constitution
chair: Richard Green, IASA past-president
Room DNB - V
11:00-11:30 coffee break
11:30-12:30 Opening and Keynote speach
Room DNB - V
chair: Kevin Bradley, IASA president
Speakers: Ute Schwens & Michael Crone
12:30-14:00 lunch break
14:00-15:00 Session 1: Turning Archives into assets
Room DNB - V
Session chair: Jacqueline von Arb
Paper: Easy empowering of your cultural data into linked, enriched and structured semantic assets Guy Maréchal (Belgium)
Paper: From mass digitization to mass content enrichment: the use of automated indexation technology for large scale projects Michel Merten, Stéphane Bayot, Frédéric Beaugendre (Belgium)
Tutorial 1: Preservation planning, based on IASA-TC 04, chapter 9
Room HR - K2
Tutor: Dietrich Schüller, Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences
15:00-16:00 coffee break

Poster session:
Room DNB - Oval office

Flexible management and publishing of audiovisual media Georgios Ioannidis & Michael Weber (Germany)
Sound Documents Organization: the analysis of web radio reality from the Information Science perspective Clara Costa (Brasilia University)
Latin American Community of Sound and Audiovisual Archives Pedro Arturo Pérez (Cuban Institute of Radio and TV)

16:00-17:30 Session 2: Social networking and web applications
Room DNB - V
Session chair: Richard Ranft
Paper: Best Practice Lessons Learnt: How the Exit Interview and Oral History Project at UNMIS is building a knowledge database Tom Adami (United Nations Mission in Sudan)
Paper: Archive as social media lab: Dissemination of digital sound and audiovisual collection Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, India)
Paper: Spoken Web 2.0: Conceptualizing and Prototyping a Comprehensive Web-based Digital Spoken-Word Interface for Literary Research Annie Murray & Jared Wiercinski (Concordia University Libraries)
Workshop 1.1: Handling problems in digitizing tapes and discs
Room HR – Medien-raum
Speakers: Eduardo Sanchez (Mexico), Nadja Wallaszkovits (Phonogrammarchiv Wien), Stefano Cavaglieri (Fonoteca Svizzera)
19:00- Reception of the City of Frankfurt
City Hall “Römer“

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